If you have shopped with us before, you will notice that everything looks new and possibly unfinished in places! We had wanted to do a proper launch and invite you along for it, but in the end had to do a little bit of a rush job. The old site decided to stop working after an update and taking it back to a previous version was going to be as difficult as launching this new one.

You will notice that you cannot log in using your previous details, whilst we could have transferred names and address, because the passwords were securely encrypted you would have needed to go through a process of resetting them and we found that registering again would be much simpler.

We haven’t got all products in place yet, but have put on the most popular ones that regular customers purchase so fingers crossed you will find what you came for. The search at the top is amazing so give it a go.

If you need any help regarding previous orders, please contact us.  We appreciate that some customers used their order history before buying again and we still have access to that information.

All for now

Gavin & Sonia